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Monday, 14 January 2013

Adding a touch of colour to your white home...

Any room decorated in only white shades does need a slight amount of colour to give the room an additional point of interest.
These colours can be contrasting or of the same tones, with a contrasting colour you will only want to use a minimal amount to create the greatest impact. This could be small pieces, a cushion, a lamp, a flower, a vase.. the  list is endless, but you should remember to keep it minimal.

A room of tones is most popular, adding creams, off whites and greys, these toned colours complement the white base colour, but are subtle. Adding tones creates a warmth in your surroundings.
It is a personal opinion in how you choose which colour to add, depending on your taste and personality, experiment, if you don't like it you can always easily change it.

Adding Subtle Tones of Grey

Adding a Contrasting Colour to Your White Room

A White House..

A White home is neutral... but never boring.

White is simple, has an innate purity, allowing you to appreciate and understand the cleanliness.
White is a fascinating, subtle and varied colour within the colour spectrum and has many many different variants.
White can be associated with calmness and peacefulness, elegance and sophistication or can be likened with a bright modern aura.
White gives a feeling of clean, lightness and space, it exposes hidden areas in your room, maximizing all the available light shining into your room.
Use white throughout your home, on the floors, the walls, bedding and window dressings, in the bedroom, living room, hall, bathroom and kitchen. Subtle differences can be added to each room but overall the theme you are looking to achieve is clean and elegant home.

Extra Touches.. Create Different Themes
Add layers of white linen to your bedding to give the feeling of luxury and space that even no hotel can offer you.
White orchids can give you a different feel to your bed room, a more oriental, but still fresh theme, an oriental white bedside cabinet, simple with its straight lines, providing much needed storage and surface space for bedside lamps, clocks and ipod docks.

Mink Grey Storage Cupboard

A simple mink grey coloured cabinet with double doors. A unique cabinet with simple straight lines and antique brass lock. This cabinet is a versatile unit and can be used throughout the home. A bedside table in the bedroom, bathroom storage or as shoe storage in the hall.

Mink Grey Cabinet
Height: 56cm
Width : 44.5cm
Depth: 32cm
Price: £95